Auto Stop Race - what is it?

Auto Stop Race is a unique competition, one of its kind. Our participants have to travel to one of European countries only by means of hitchhiking. Competitors travel in pairs, and all together they exceed the number of 1000 people.


After crossing the finish line – which is a camping entrance, all hitchhikers can expect great parties, lots of good music, animation and other events prepared by the organizing team – members of BIT Travellers Club. Auto Stop Race being the largest hitchhiking event in the world is intended for students and aims to promote an active lifestyle, building courage and passion for travelling. The race takes place every single year at the beginning of May. The starting line is always located at the Wroclaw University of Economics campus.

BIT Travellers Club - the Organiser


BIT Travellers Club is a student organization that originates from Wroclaw University of Economics. Created in 2008, currently gathers more than 100 travelling enthusiasts from Wroclaw University of Economics and other universities as well.

Every single year, we’re organizing 16 projects including: Auto Stop Race, Treveller’ Days as well as hiking events, skiing events, and projects organized in the cities which is Metro Survival and Mafia – the largest city game organized in Poland.

From the very beginning we are striving to share the passion for travelling and manifest that nothing is impossible. So what differs us from the others? Namely, we’re a group of good friends. When organizing travelling projects, not only we have satisfaction but we’re also strengthening our ties. There is never enough of positive energy and adventurous people that often take spontaneous decisions about exotic trips. It may sound like madness, but for we strongly believe that there are no limits whatsoever for BIT members.

Travelling does not have to be expensive. Sometimes it is worth to take a wild card. That’s why our motto is “Because I Travel”.

Auto Stop Race was initiated in 2009 by Grzegorz Burdynowski, Lukasz Folmer and Adam Najbar. The first, historical edition was held that year as a sum of ideas and vision of first organizers. The inspiration for Auto Stop Race came from another Polish race held in Gdansk called MMA which stands for International Hitchhiking Championships. First Auto Stop Race event gathered 172 people in total, all trying to get to Croatian town called Pula. From today’s perspective, this is very meaningful. First edition of Auto Stop Race has defined the race’s concept, its mission and most importantly – the guidelines which are kept and used till now. For the following years, the race grew and gathered more and more people willing to take the challenge. This is a story of how Auto Stop Race has grown from 172 people to more than a 1000. So far we’ve been to a number of European renown destinations such as Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Chalkidiki peninsula, Rimini, Tarquinia, Rome and Valencia.

Let’s work together!

Auto Stop Race is known as one of the most recognized student events in Poland. For us – it is an outstanding organizational challenge. Our goal is to spread the idea of hitchhiking, self challenging, meeting new people and learning from different cultures. Our desire is to empower youth and encourage our generation to spend their free time actively – exploring and travelling the world, learning new languages and finally – face the challenges.

Apart from that, we would like to encourage you to cooperate with us and become an important part of this unique event. We are absolutely confident that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial, and that we can greatly contribute in your marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the Auto Stop Race start?

Next edition of ASR will take part 27.04-03.05.2024. It will start from the campus of Wroclaw University of Economics.

When will it be possible to sign up?

You can sign up on midnight 9/10.03.2024 on our Facebook page.

Where can I find the rules of the race?

It is available on our website. Unfortunately it is only in polish. – here.

Where is the finish line of the race?


Do organizers provide the return transport after the race?

They do not, it is the private issue of every contestant.

What if I will not manage to sign up?

Please track the subpage with enrollment section and facebook profile. Those are the places where we put information about the available places.

Which information will be necessary for enrollment?

Name, surname, email address, phone number, pesel number (or other adequate identification number), birth date, ICE number, address , your school/ university name, and tshirt size (UNISEX).

I have never tried hitchhiking before, will I manage?

Approximately 30% of contestants, hitchhike for the first time in their life. Majority of people do not have any problems with getting to the finish line.

What is the cost of taking part in the race?

Contestants pay for starting package. In 2024 the cost is 490 zł for a team.

Is it possible to register more than to 2 people in one team?

If 3 people want to travel together, it is possibly if they will make aggrement with another 3, thus they will register three two people teams. That way everybody will have starting package, and it will be possible to travel in 3.   

Do organizers provide accommodation?

Organizer team selects the camping, which is final destination. On this camping all contestants can accommodate and party. Contestants are obligated to pay for accommodation personally during they stay at the camping. There are discounts for the Auto Stop Race contestants.  

What should I take with me?

All details about what should be taken and how to prepare, will be included in the newsletter.

Can foreigners take a part in the race?

Yes if they comply with all Auto Stop Race rules. Unfortunately, foreigners are not covered by our insurance.

I am 30, can I take a part in the race?

Auto Stop Race contestants must be at least 18 and no more than 30 years old.

Is it required to have EHIC?

It is not, but we recommend to have it.

Is it required to have a passport?

It is not, but it might be helpful in your journey. For example with accommodation in hostels or withdrawing money.  

What is the insurance for fines?

About this insurance you can read in the section “regulamin” on our site.